Findx Pro is an innovation based company,
 established in 2016 to revolutionize
Indigenous technology and making the world a better place”

Findx Pro is an Electronic company providing solutions to all electronic needs.
We offer services like Electronic component sourcing,PCB Design,PCB Fabrication,pcb
Assembly,PCB Testing and casing.
This serves to be an end to end solution of your product development.

Our Vision

To put forward INDIA as leader of innovation


To develop new technologies and provide opportunities for young minds to innovate.

Harish CEO/Founder

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Our services:

Component Sourcing Service is a key part of Findx Pro.
We take care of comprehensive components sourcing to improve our PCB assembly production efficiency, and enable you designers and engineers to have more time on research and development, engineering and design. Components sourcing is always teamwork between the network of components purchaser, engineer, sales, customer and component suppliers.

Components sourcing is really a big drain of energy, time and resources but not for the PCB assembly provider which has years’ experience in circuit board assembly and this allows us to build strong cooperation with those authorized and famous component supplier, and they make it possible for us to source any of your required components at reasonable prices, thus Low Cost PCB Assembly is possible for you.

The Findx Pro team is well trained and experienced in Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCB Fabrication. To provide only the best service to our clients, we use high-end, top of the line equipment in our manufacturing process.we’re committed to adhering to the strictest standards during our PCB manufacturing process, we’ re fully compliant with the quality management system.

Findx Pro is experienced in handling printed circuit board design services.
Our PCB layout services involve usage of highly efficient PCB design tools for innovative printed circuit board design to increase efficiency, augment the current design tools, and improve quality.
Our team is skilled at utilizing design tools as per the client’s requirements. Tools that we use are:

Findx Pro has similar features to reduce your energy and time to source electronic components, including BOM managing, logistics and etc.
Findx Pro PCB Assembly includes all spectrum of services as following:
● Sourcing components and materials
● Order tracking, shipment, logistics with assembly facility
● Printed circuit board assembly
● Quality control
● Packing and shipping to you

Findx Pro also offers services like
● PCB Testing :
PCB Testing assures long-term quality of your printed circuit boards
● Wire harnessing:
wire cutting, wire stripping, wire terminating and wire assembly to perform routine wire processing tasks.
● Casing:
Enclosures to your Product

Why choose us?

Findx Pro has been offering high-quality PCB Manufacturing services at a reasonable
price for 3+ years,to provide customers with more professional and advanced circuits
boards. We’re glad for our effective reputation till date and that our clients are happy
with our fine quality, on-time delivery, reasonable evaluation and Neat administration.